Purchasing Order Terms & Conditions

1. All materials, processes, and services must meet with the following requirements: DFARS, Conflict of Metal and counterfeit prevention plans.

2. The supplier is required to maintain quality records for a minimum of 10 years or as requested in the purchase order. Records must then be destroyed properly after the required time.
       3. The supplier must notify TDS, Inc. immediately of any quality issues and nonconforming product related to the purchase order.

       4. The entire lot is subjected to rejection if nonconformance is found.

       5. Supplier must obtain approval by TDS, Inc of any nonconforming product disposition related to the purchase order.

       6. Supplier must notify TDS, Inc of any process change, supplier change or manufacturing facility location changes related to the                     purchase order.

       7. Supplier agrees to flow down all applicable requirements, including customer requirements, to its supply chain and subcontractors.

       8. Right of access by TDS, Inc., their customer and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas of all facilities, is required for the                         order and to all applicable records.

       9.  Acceptance Authority Media (AAM) usage in accordance with Boeing Supplier Bulletin SBP-17-159 is required.

      10. Supplier ensures persons are aware of product and service conformity, product safety, and ethical behavior.

Rev 12/20/2018 

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